Meijer gardens

Since we are member at the Meijer Gardens we go as often as we can. Here are just a few pics.

Jack's first haircut

Oh my goodness it has been a long time since I have updated this blog. Jack got his first haircut today. I have been so afraid of getting it done because I thought he would freak out and get the scissors in the eye (being accident prone and all). Bruce's cousin Nicole works at Design one in Grandville so I asked her if she would attempt it. We got there and he jumped right up in the chair and he did AMAZING!! (so did Nic). I need to get a pic of the actual finished cut. Hooray for my big boy. In the last month he is almost potty trained and has gotten his first haircut..... I miss my baby...... but I LOVE my BIG BOY!!

2 too fast....

My baby boy will be 2 on the 18th. It is hard to believe that 2 years has gone by. You don't see the changes in your kids day by day but looking back on the last year he has grown up. Talking more & more everyday. Watching the changes is amazing. Looking forward to this next year. Keeping our finger crossed that we have no broken bones!! Here's to another great year baby boy.

Our Vacation.......A little late

We took our vacation to Pennsylvania which may come as no surprise. We usually just go to Pittsburgh to visit my parents & such. This year we traveled 5 hours east to Philadelphia to visit Sesame Place. It was great!!! The kids had a blast & we enjoyed watching them experience it. On the way to Philly we stopped in Hershey to go to Chocolate world not as much fun but worth the experience. Then we traveled back to my parents to spend a few days with my parents before heading home. When we got home I uploaded all the pictures to the computer deleted them off the camera and then the computer died gone nothing left on it. I thought the pictures were lost for good. We purchased a new computer and some recovery software. I was able to retrieve some but not all of the pictures so I am sharing the few that we have. Enjoy!


Wet & Wild

We went and spent some time at the Meijer Gardens. We knew that the kids would get really wet so we brought a change of clothes. They had a blast! It was fun to watch them get wet and wild. The childrens garden never gets old. At the farm house they had baby goats for the kids to pet. One of the goats wanted to take a bite out of Jack.

Bike Parade

Avery's 3 school class put on a bike parade. It was so cute! They got to decorate their bike during class. They were so proud. The older kids came out of their classes to watch the 3 schoolers show off & to cheer them on.

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